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ROSE KULI Mavic Pro Battery Charger Smart Battery Charging Hub with Charge Indicator LCD Display

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    • Smart Charger specially designed for DJI Mavic Pro with charge indicator LCD Display.

    • 4 port Charger. Batteries will be charged Once after another according to their power levels, from high to low. 60-80 minute charge time per battery.

    • Displays the charge voltage, current and overall battery status.

    • NOT included POWER SUPPLY - you can use your own suitable charger power cord.

    • Works with the Mavic car charger and also Mavic wall outlet charger. The pictured batteries are NOT included.

    Product Description

    Rose Kuli Mavic Battery Charging Hub 
    is designed for the Mavic Intelligent Flight Battery.
    When used with the Mavic Battery Charger this device can auto-detect and charge up to four Intelligent Flight Batteries.
    The Intelligent Flight Batteries will be charged in sequence according to their power levels, from high to low.
    Package including: 

    - 1 x Multiple Charger Only (Mavic Pro and accessories not included)
    - 1 x Manual Instructions

    Rose Kuli Battery Charging Hub Usage
    1. Initial charging: 
    Rose Kuli smart battery charger device will detect each charging channel automatically, and display the state of batteries’ voltage/ current after opening corresponding channel
    2. Charging State:  
    Display voltage and current of corresponding charging channel during charging State.
    3. Charging completion:
    The current charging channel complete will automatically switch to the next effective channel, after all charging channels completed, the charging manager will rescan all charging channels.


    1. Place the battery charger in a smooth safe place, don’t cover it to ensure the normal heat dissipation when charging.

    2. If unplug the battery which was in charging, the battery charger will turn to the next set of batteries to charging.
    3. When the battery power is above 90%, it may not be charged automatically.
    4. When the battery is used, and its temperature is high in a short time, the battery will not charge automatically. The fourth light will flash to alarm. Please open the battery switch, and then turn off the battery, when the alarm disappeared, and recharge the battery when the temperature become normal.

    Size - 3.15*3.15*1.38 inches (L×W×H)
    Net Weight - 3.03 oz/86 g
    DC output - 13.05V
    Input voltage - 13.05V/8A (Max)
    Operating Temperature: 0℃-40℃

    Better Quality:
    Made from fireproof ABS plastic
    Fireproof, portable and intelligent, charged in sequence to power levels.


    Rose Kuli Product:
    Rose Kuli Mavic Battery Charging Hub have a larger LCD display with updated PCB design, durable and quality.

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