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ROSE KULI Fishing Bass Lures Multi Jointed Topwater Life-like Trout Swimbait Hard CrankBaits

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  • Rose Kuli Multi Jointed Life Like Fishing Lure

    Looks and swims like a real fish, moves completely silent.

    Connect with textile fabrics, moves flexible, simulation fish tail shows

    A real swim action like the real fish and makes it a prime target for hungry fish.

    All of the fishing lures are suitable for Saltwater fishing & Freshwater fishing.


    Key Features                 

     3D Holographic Eyes - Make it looks like a real fish. 

     Artificial Bait - Reusable swimbait, save your money and space. 

     Multi Joint Body - Connection with textile fabrics, swims flexible. 

     Treble Hooks - 2 super sharp rust-proof hooks, stable and durable.          

    Metal earrings - Double connection design, sturdy enough for big fish.         


     A few TIPS for better use:                         

     Clean and air dry the lures after each use.         

     Tail got catched, roll the lure underwater then solve.         

     Slowly drag the lures to make it shows S-swim action.         



     1) Pull the fishing line in order to make the lure floats up and down, this action will make some waves and the fishes will be attracted.         

     2) Mastering the lure speed to make the lure swims under the water. First can be littel fast then slow the speed finally make it pauses. The fishes will be attracted by the life like action and bright color.        





    Unique Body Design

    Rose Kuli multi joint fishing lure, flexible fin and tail makes amazing swimming action in water with uncanny realism.


    Realistic Image Color

    A special printing process transfers an actual image of a live baitfish onto the lure, resulting in color and detail only a real fish can match.

               bass lures                

    Rose Kuli Lure
    Widely targeting at predator fishes such as bass, yellow perch, walleye, pike, muskie, roach, trout, etc.


    several methods for tying a knot of fishing lure


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